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Days and times of training
Manor Park Dojo
Tuesday: Kickboxing & Nunchaku combat

Manor Park Dojo
Thursday: JuJitsu & Jujitsu combat

We do ask our students to make regular attendance, also have respect and discipline and to be on time for lessons. We teach two different arts, JuJutsu and Kickboxing, in these classes we also cover some of the history. JuJutsu is a traditional art, with throws, arm & leg locks,pin downs. Kickboxing is a sport with punches and kicks,although both arts do have punches and kicks.
  Dojo Addresses
Shinboku Dojo
St. Barnabas Church
Browning Road
Manor Park
London E12

Shinboku Dojo
Kickboxing Classes
Sensei Danny Lines
Britannia Village Hall
Evelyn Road
West Silvertown E16
Training times
Friday 7-8.15pm


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You can contact Shinboku-Budo-Kai at the telephone numbers below. to enquire about classes or Affilition,
020 8586 7838
mobile 07752881123
mobile 07759674167

Chel'c and Aimee
Combat Nunchaku