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Martial Arts Accosiation

At the Shinboku Dojo, we teach in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Our classes are for both male and female students, we hold separate classes for children.
We teach
We are an association teaching two, different arts.
One being a traditional martial art jutsu and the other is a modern art Kickboxing.
jujutsu being a traditional martial art, you can trace its roots back to the ninth century.
Kickboxing is a moden art and a very popular sport, Kickboxing came about in the 60s. It is very popular, with both young and older people male and female.
We have classes in East London
We have clubs in, Manor Park E12 and Silvertown E 16

Why not come along and see for yourself, what our self defence system is like. With the increased violence in the past few years, men, women and children are being bullied or intimidated. It makes sense to learn to defend yourself.

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We also have a digital photographic enhancement service available web site address coming soon

The above photo was taken on 25/5/02 after a Ju-Jitsu combat course