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This is where you can find Information about Shinboku
Sensei Mike Yates is the founder of Shinboku-Budo-Kai.

Sensei: Mike started training in judo while still at school, he went on to train in shotokan for about six years, and then on to do kickboxing and JuJutsu which he still does today. Some of the instructors he has trained with are, Sensei Dave Playle, Sensei Joe Ellis, Shihan Joe Anderson, Shihan Ray Jewel, Professor D T Hodgson, Shihan N Sangwin,Sensei Bob McCormick, Sensei Frank Bowen,Sensei Bob Fermor,Shihan Jon Alexander, Henshi George Scarrott, Henshi Jamie Lee-Barron, Shihan John Biggs and Soke Brian Dossett

Renshi Mike Yates showing some sword techniques

Renshi Mike and sensei Danny working out together on the pads

Renshi Mike and Sensei Danny going through some self defence moves Danny says its painful, you can not see the folding arm lock. which is on and the choke to the throat.

This a photo of Sensei Danny Lines >>Kickboxing Instructor

These three young guns work very hard and like competitions.Dean,Chel'c and Alfie have had some wins, and train three times a week. In Ju-jitsu and Kickboxing and some times in combat ju-jitsu.